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About the FDAA

The Folk & Decorative Artists’ Association of Australia Incorporated (FDAA) is a not for profit, national association, based in Sydney, NSW, that was founded in 1985. It is open to artists from any part of the world with our current membership including Australian artists as well as international artists from North America, England, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. From beginners to advanced artists, all are welcome to be part of this dynamic group.

Folk & Decorative Art describes a wide variety of art styles. It is non-stressful, non-threatening, sometimes frustrating but definitely for everyone! A few basic techniques, add your own individual style and success will follow.

Our story and the development of the Association is one of true dedication, commitment and passion.

Our Mission Statement

The FDAA will nourish and grow its membership by encouraging teaching, practice and sharing of knowledge of Folk and Decorative Art. It will also provide an environment for all members to develop and express their creativity.

The FDAA will act with respect and be a mentor to all members and potential members to ensure Folk and Decorative Art remains the common focus, as well as providing activities to allow strong contacts and friendships to form.

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