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Teachers & Accreditation

“The FDAA will nourish and grow its membership by encouraging teaching, practice and sharing knowledge of folk and decorative art...”

Extract from the FDAA Mission Statement

Beginner's & On-going Education

The FDAA strongly supports member education. A number of our members are actively teaching and running studios as successful businesses.

A Teachers’ Registry has been developed to promote members currently teaching and to enable new members and the general public, especially beginners, the chance to link up with a teacher suitable to their needs.

Download - FDAA Members Currently Teaching – Teachers’ Registry

The FDAA Teacher Accreditation Program

The FDAA offers a formal Teachers Accreditation Program for those members wishing to gain recognition of their teaching skills; with the aim of obtaining a Teacher Accreditation Certificate (TAC) and being added to the Teacher’s Registry.

The aim of the Accreditation Process is to acknowledge that successful candidates have satisfactory knowledge and skills to teach Folk Art.

The FDAA Teacher Accreditation Committee awards the TAC to any member whose submitted work is assessed by the Teacher Accreditation Committee to be of a satisfactory standard. TAC is not a test of artistic skills, as the best painters do not necessarily make the best teachers! However, we would expect the artwork on your sample boards to show above average standard.

Accreditation Process

Accreditation is held in July each year. Closing date for submission is 1st July.

The Accreditation Process is a defined format and involves an assessment of submitted work by assessors from the teacher Accreditation Committee. Anonymity of work is maintained during the assessment.

Assessment Kit & Required Submissions

Work is submitted by completion of a kit obtained from the FDAA.

The kit includes a list of 13 topics for inclusion in a three term teaching plan (or in the case of workshop teacher, a workshop plan), 3 sample boards and instructions on what is required to complete your submission.

The TAC Assessment process involves submitting:

  • A three term program commencing with a Beginners term and progressing through two or more consecutive terms ie. Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Workshop teachers may submit three plans instead of terms, but must submit notes on all topics as per guidelines.
  • Three teaching boards are required to be submitted - one board for each term showing stroke work taught and examples of designs taught. Designs do not have to be original but copyright laws must be respected and sources acknowledged.
  • We do not have any bias regarding brush or paint types used. Flat and/or round brush teachers using any brand of paint will be evaluated on their teaching curriculum.
  • As well as the teaching program plan we require 10 essays (no more than 1000 words) on specific topics that would then demonstrate your knowledge of the theory and practice of each area.
  • You will also be required to provide a Curriculum Vitae.

As a folk art teacher the thought of putting your curriculum down on paper and sample boards may seem a daunting prospect AND it is a huge undertaking, but so very worthwhile, thought-provoking, and satisfying. It is also a great opportunity to sort out all your teaching material, assess where you could do better and formulate directions for future teaching.

Get a Teacher's Accreditation Kit

Teacher Accreditation Kits cost $35 and covers all costs of accreditation.

Contact Details

If you wish to obtain a kit for submission to the Teacher Accreditation Committee or have any questions about the program please contact:

Teacher Accreditation Coordinator

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