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Lore Barratt Painting Day

Posted Saturday, 3rd August, 2019

There were 18 ladies in the class and Lore conducted a very easy going and fun class. After the meeting and morning tea, we set about painting these cute budgies.

Everyone managed to take home their finished budgies, so it was a huge success.

Thank you Lore for coming all the way to St Ives to teach us this lovely project.

Our next General Meeting & Painting Day - 5 October - Guest artist Bernard Devaux

Chris Gordon-Smith Painting Day

Posted Saturday, 1st June, 2019

There were 16 ladies in Chris’s class and it was a very enjoyable class as always. Chris is a very giving teacher and made the class very relaxed and created an easy and fun atmosphere.

The emus were very quirky and every piece of work was unique and colourful.

Everyone managed to finish the emus and left with a feeling of immense satisfaction.

Thanks for a wonderful day Chris.

Our next General Meeting & Painting Day is scheduled for 3rd August - Guest artist Lore Barratt

Sydney Royal Arts & Craft Show 2019

Posted Friday, 12th April, 2019

Congratulations to the winners and all members who entered their work into the Sydney Royal Arts Competition at the Royal Easter Show this year.

CLASS 305: Traditional/Historical Folk Art
Virginia Howard 1st Russian Khokhloma Red & Gold Box
Coral Vangsnes 2nd
Lorraine Wingfield 3rd Norwegian Key Cupboard
Annette De Jongh
HC Petrikovka Tea Bag Box
CLASS 306: Decorative Floral & other Folk Art
Chris Gordon-Smith 1st Decorative Floral Box
Denise Townsend
2nd Enamel Jug
Lorraine Wingfield
3rd Jewellery Box
Annette De Jongh
HC Art Nouveau Style Picture
Theresa Ezold HC Twitchers Wedding Box
CLASS 307: Australian Themes
Chris Gordon-Smith
1st Windmill Blade
Denise Townsend
2nd Wooden Tray
Lorraine Wingfield
3rd Vintage Wheelbarrow
Annette De Jongh
HC Wompoo Pigeon

The FDAA is a major supporter of Classes 305 to 307 in the Arts Competition at the Royal Easter Show. All members of the FDAA are eligible to enter this competition(lnk) and we encourage participation.

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AGM & Awards of Excellence 2019

Posted Saturday, 16th February, 2019

A great AGM held at the fantastic venue of Checkers Resort and Conference Centre, Terrey Hills. Good company & old friends! Thanks to all the members who brave Saturday traffic & the road works around the new NBH.

Big thank you to Bernard Devaux for showing us an insight into his world of passionate pastels.

Sad time - saying goodbye to our President - Lorraine Wingfield, who is leaving us in NSW & moving with husband Ian to the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast's gain & our loss!! Lorraine will be sorely missed but we all wish her the very best for a wonderful new chapter in their lives.

Congratulations to all our Awards of Excellence Winners for 2019.

A great selection of some 16 pieces were entered into the 2019 Competition - a fantastic response by members. Once again a peer elected Member's Choice was also undertaken. Some great pieces of work by some very talented people were put up for judging this year. This competition is open to all members, yearly, regardless of experience - you have to be in it to win it!

The FDAA sincerely thanks all those members who support the Awards of Excellence competition each year as well as the judges who give of their time and expertise.

Coral Vangsnes 1st Rosemaling Style Salt & Pepper Mills
Virginia Howard
2nd Khokhloma Lidded Box
Jane McCracken HC Medieval Lumination Box
Denise Townsend
1st Jug with Man & Grapes
Sonia Tchiligirian
2nd Pelican & Shells Salt Box
Lorraine Wingfield
HC Flowers on Jewellery Box
Denise Townsend
Country Scene & gum blossoms, pine box
Sonia Tchilingirian 2nd Flannel Flowers & Lavender lidded box
Jane McCracken
1st Christmas Ribbon & Berries on tray
Cheryl Halliday HC Swiss box design on pine box
AGM Member's Choice
Lorraine Wingfield

Flowers on Jewellery Box

Steve Underwood Painting Day

Posted Saturday, 6th October, 2018

Many thanks once again go out to Lorraine Wingfield for taking on the job of photographer & report writer for today’s Painting Day.

‘Another fantastic day’s painting with Steve Underwood held today at St Ives. Seventeen ladies braved the dreadful weather, including the Newcastle ladies, and not long after we started that sun came out.Lots of lovely light for our Sydney Harbour painting. Everyone was amazed to find the first part painted was the Harbour Bridge & the sky came later. All the students had a different perspective on what we were painting but the end results were superb. One thing about landscape painting - the further back you stand the better it looks!

Steve was as usual very patient & with his use of Matisse Structure paint, makes everything seem so easy.We are very lucky to have him come so far to teach us … Lorraine’

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