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August Painting Day with Steve Underwood

Posted Saturday, 5th August, 2017

Another wonderful workshop with the ever lovely & talented Steve Underwood. 25 eager students readied themselves for another still-life challenge. Steve, who is one of the most generous & sharing teachers you could find, guided us through the project with ease. Trying to catch the transparency of that lovely whisky glass was a challenge. It was great to be able to reinforce skills learnt at previous workshops with Steve especially his loose style & his preference for soft edges. You can’t help but be dragged along in the enthusiasm of a teacher who still finds delight in new techniques/colour hues especially when they result from the unexpected discovery, and when they are so keen to share them with you! A great day all round with brilliant results by each & every student.

Steve has become a regular on our Painting Day program. It is always such a pleasure to have him with us. There is not a student who isn’t challenged & delighted by his workshops! Big thanks again Steve for another fantastic workshop!

Special thanks to Lorraine Wingfield who organises these Painting Days. Lorraine was out of action today. All FDAA members wish her a speedy recovery from her recent op!

Our next Painting Day is October 7 with Kate Belton ... all welcome!

June Painting Day with Liebby Elias

Posted Saturday, 3rd June, 2017

FDAA Painting Day Report Liebby Elias

A great day was had by 16 enthusiastic painters under the tutelage of Liebby Elias on Sat. 3rd June. Canvasses ranged in size from A4 size to absolutely enormous. The project was mixed media and first we started cutting up scrapbook paper for our Papillon that found us all out of our painting comfort zone!

Amazing how everybody had different papers and achieved different effects with the grey scale background. All the projects looked great especially when paint and a bit of bling were added.

The products used were provided by Derivan and versatile and easy to use.

It was a fun, relaxing painting day. Everybody was full of support for the FDAA shop and the incredible bargains and nobody went home empty handed!

Thanks to all the members who participated in this fun day and to Liebby for her creative workshop & guidance.

Our next Painting Day will be on Saturday August 6 with guest artist Steve Underwood.

Sydney Royal Arts & Craft Show 2017

Posted Thursday, 6th April, 2017

Congratulations to the winners and all members who entered their work into the Sydney Royal Arts Competition at the Royal Easter Show this year.

CLASS 310: Traditional/Historical Folk Art
Lorraine Wingfield
1st Rosemaling Treasure
Virginia Howard 2nd Urn painted in Russian Folk Art
Annette De Jongh 3rd
Egyptian Decorated Casket
CLASS 311: Decorative Floral & other Folk Art
Christine Gordon-Smith
1st Flowers
Kaori Sasaki
2nd Kao's Rose Table
Denise Townsend 3rd Small Black Brass Bowl with Fruit
Regine Thompson HC Americana - Marina & Docks Tray
CLASS 312: Australiana Themes
Christine Gordon-Smith
1st Australiana Kero Bucket
Denise Townsend
2nd Small Coal Shuttle with Wildflowers
Lorraine Wingfield 3rd Coal Shuttle
Julie Price
HC Banjo Patterson 'Waltzing Matlida' Book like Box

Congratulations to Chris Gordon-Smith achieving a Standard of Excellence Award for her entry in Class 311 - Flowers.

The FDAA is a major supporter of Classes 310 to 312 in the Arts Competition at the Royal Easter Show. All members of the FDAA are eligible to enter this competition and we encourage participation.

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April Painting Day with Laraine Palmer

Posted Saturday, 1st April, 2017

A great start to our Painting Days for 2017 with this great project based on the amazing Bayeux Tapestry. 
A little bit of background to this piece revealed that the Bayeux Tapestry is not an actual tapestry ... it is not woven. It consists of fine linen of unequal length, embroidered with woollen yarn. Some 70 metres long & 50 metres wide, the pictures on the 'tapestry' are stitched with yarn of eight different colours, in stem stitch & blanket stitch.
Replicating the texture of the panel featured in the Laraine's 1066 Pub sign was going to be interesting. Laraine's clever interpretation of the design started with the background prep which created the look of distressed & aged linen & combined the use of small strokes over the major blocks of colour in the design to depict the embroidery strokes.
It was a clever challenge in what looked like a relatively simple workshop piece. One that was enjoyed by all who attended on the day. Laraine's fuller panel was stunning but the results achieved with this smaller Pub Sign were individual & great!
Sincere thanks to Laraine for her skilled tutorage especially as she had only had 24 hours back in Australia after a quick 8 day trip to Hong Kong with Lorraine & Genevieve!
Our next Painting Day is on Saturday 3 June with guest artist Liebby Elias ... bookings essential -

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IntoCraft Live - 2 to 5 March 2017

Posted Sunday, 5th March, 2017


March 2 to 5 saw the FDAA return to the old Sitches & Craft Show venue of Rosehill Racecourse.
A new name - Stitches is now known as IntoCraft Live - and the venue having had a recent update which featured brand new carpet set the scene for a promising few days.
In came a painting workshop using Derivan Flow Acrylics & some wary teachers praying that the only place paint landed was on the project piece and not on the carpet!!!
The project was a fun seaside themed string of bunting featuring five flags of stencilling & creative strokes.
A big success with attendees ... sad to say numbers were slightly down this year but the enthusiasm of the students certainly made up for it.
Big thanks has to go out to Lorraine, Kathy, Leonie, Ruth, Ann, Liebby & Phillippa FDAA members who volunteered their time so generously to help out at the event.


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